lördag, november 14

a place to hide

If I told you all the times when I'd done wrong
Could you bathe my soul and wash it all away?
I can't forgive the things that I can still remember
So I think my friend these sins are here to stay
And I could make a promise
With a tear in my eye
And all the hope in my heart
But all the doubt in my mind
But if judgement day started tonight
At least I'd know I was right
And I'd be laughing at the end of the world
But take my hand tonight I think we'll be alright girl

3 kommentarer:

  1. åh, jag gillade verkligen dina bilder!

  2. He catches raindrops from his window,
    it reminds him how he fall
    from the stars back to our cities
    where we've never felt so small.
    Raindrops from his window,
    making puddles in his hands.
    He sees how quick the water's rising
    as another raindrop lands.

  3. den här klänningen har jag inte sett på länge! Var tog den vägen? :)