måndag, februari 1


I gave up coffee and cigarettes
I hate to say it hasn’t helped me yet
I thought my problems would just dissipate
And all my pain would be in yesterday

But it’s true
I’m still blue
But I finally know what to do
I must quit, I must quit, you

4 kommentarer:

  1. I gave up my soul,
    I gave up my love,
    I gave up my life,
    I gave up everyting for you,
    but you didn't toke it. You trow it away.

    I have never understand you as much as I do now, I have never understand how much you mean to me as now. I have never understand how much I love you seens now, I hope you read my emails and answear or just send me a textmassage, I'll never leave you, I'll never forgot you, I'll never stop loving you. You're the best of the best, yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

    I would hope that you would tell me the true from the beginning, I would understand you more then. We should never stand at this spot if we could communicate better. Please, Please, I bag you to call me, with my soul.

  2. You can't run from your lies, you lied to me about such bad things, it's horrible for me to get this email full with lies, then no answear from you at all, it's not fair. You know it.

    Why do you do this to me? you left me, and it wasen't a nice way either but the next day, i resive a e-mail from you, with many lies how have been a weight for you, why give it to me? To make me said? Well you did it, congratz, thanks for no answearing, you must be glad.

  3. mey bi ju shuld just go on... in se fak tum.

  4. du är så vacker vännen min <3
    ses snart?