fredag, augusti 12

england - the national

central park

picadilly cirkus


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  1. Yayyyyy!!! Finally some new pics and a new header <3<3<3 You look just gorgeous, I can't find any words for your person. I've never seen a blogging girl which has your style and is as beautiful as you are!! You spent your holidays in England? I'm a bit jealous, because unfortunately I never had the chance to go there. Now, I have to work for my final exams of my law studies in march, but when everything is over, I plan to spend some days in England with my boyfriend :)
    Uhm...I have one question: Was it hard for you to cut your hair? Did you regret it? What did your boyfriend say? I'm still thinking about it...(as always :))
    Many kisses for you :***

  2. thank you magdalena! you really flatter me! <3 do you have a blog of your own?
    yes, london and brighton was so lovely, you should really go there if you get the chance!
    good luck with your exams!
    it was easier than i thought, cutting my hair, i guess i just really wanted a change, since i've always had the same hair style - long hair.
    but i belive my boyfriend wish i had longer hair, he says i should grow it out! haha
    i'm going to let it grow long now, my bangs too!

    where in germany are you from? my sister is going to freiburg in the last of august to study german actually!

  3. But it's true! My passion is reading blogs, but a lot of those blogging girls are so superficial and they buy just what's à la mode! They don't have any personal touch in the way they dress. But you do, definitely! That's why I love your style. I don't like styles which are just copies from the catwalk. But you are just talented in expressing something with your clothes - and with a huge dash of personality :)
    Okay, my next holiday destination will be England!
    Oh yeah, the boys...My boyfriend doesn't want me to get a haircut either ;) I'm not sure yet, but I guess one day I'll wake up and I'll tell my hairdresser: "Cut it!" :)
    Really? Why your bangs? They look so cute on you!
    I'm from Regensburg, it's in Bavaria. I know Freiburg, but I've never been there :( Oh cool! Will your sister move to Freiburg or will she just stay for one semester?

    And what do you do? Do you still go to school? I read on your lookbook page that you're from Sweden, right? And you are 17 years old?


  4. Ooohhh...I forgot!!! No, I don't have a blog :)

  5. oh, thank you! <3 comments like this is why i keep blogging and doing what i do! and i totally agree with you about the superficial girls!
    and about the hair, sometimes you should just follow your impulse, spontanious things are the best!
    we shouldn't listen to much to what other think!
    i've had my bangs now for hmm, 3 years.. i'm getting a bit tierd of it ^^
    i think my sister will stay there for two semesters, so i will definitly go there and visit her, to bad i won't run in to you!

    i still go to school, one year left! after that i'm not sure, traveling is a priority though!

    it's too bad you don't have a blog!